Spacemaster Cucumber



Another one of my hobbies this summer has been gardening in pots. Erin bought me a packet of Spacemaster Cucumber seeds, which I tried to start 3 times before  finally getting some surviving (and thriving) plants! The first few batches were either eaten by our roommate’s cats, or killed by night-time temperatures. After much ado, we finally got a little cuke!


Spacemaster cucumbers are bred to live in pots, so they are smaller plants (and I assume, smaller cucumbers). I might try to raise some indoors this winter. I have to say, there’s nothing that can beat the taste of a fresh cucumber from your garden. Unfortunately my plants got a terrible case of powdery mildew and probably won’t produce another any more cucumbers this year. I might get a UV light though, and keep some plants around the house. We have some thriving basil, ginger, and jackfruit that I would like to bring inside for the winter…

cucumber and strawberry

cucumber and strawberry





  • allie

    Aw, look at your little baby cuke! Did you name it?

  • admin

    I named it “delicious”, but it was after I ate it.

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