why hello there,

Unfortunately I neglected to export the content from my old wordpress, so I don’t have much of the fun stuff I had here before. I’ll try to post the skirt DIY again, as that seemed to be very popular! I’ll slowly be adding more artwork to the portfolio part of my site, and update that stuff here too.

If you are new to this site, let me introduce myself! I’m Andrea Lam. The one who isn’t a concert pianist. Surprisingly, there are a lot of Andrea Lams in the world, but I might be the only one who is an artist and fashion designer. I used to make casual video games for Ph03nix New Media, and worked on PC titles such as the Curse of the Pharaoh series consisting of 3 games, The Tarot’s Misfortune, and Poker Genius for iPhone. Now, I am dedicating myself to fashion design, and want to start a new online boutique for my designs (and perhaps those of a few friends).

I might start up my “what I wore today” drawings series again, so watch out for that soon 🙂