I’ve been thinking for awhile of doing something with Men’s wear. My inspirational husband loves patterned clothing. He is a very dapper fellow:

Apparently it’s very difficult to find fun clothing for men that isn’t cheap and gaudy, even in NYC. Scotch&Soda is a good place, and so is Topman. But usually their patterned offering is limited to shirts, and maybe a couple pairs of pants. Maybe even a suit. I made a custom colorway of my rose print, and am going to get it printed on some twill. It would make a fabulous pair of pants, and perhaps a blazer. What do you think?


Knitted Sweater




A few months ago I bought a sweater kit from Wool and the Gang, because one of my goals this year is to teach myself to knit. How better than to learn by making a simple and cute sweater? If you’re on a budget, this is a big indulgence (especially because of shipping). But I really love the yarn they gave me in the kit, as well as the wooden knitting needles. The pattern also looks great, and I recently finished it. It took me a very, very long time as I would only knit a couple rows every week. It’ll be nice for Autumn at least…


Assassin Sweater

I’ve been thinking a lot about starting my own business for quite some time now. My idea for an online-only boutique that pre-sells items before production spawned the website I just linked to, but there are a lot of behind-the-scenes things that have to happen before I can get my first product on there. Since I currently have a full-time job, and I don’t really know what I’m doing, things have been slow going.

When I do finally get things off the ground, the first product I want to offer is my Assassin Sweater:

assassin sweater

Because of my background as a game artist/my particular love for Character design, I’ve always thought of fashion design as a type of character design for real life. In illustration you change the silhouette, proportions, texture, color, and mood of a character’s physical body to show who a character is. I was taught using fairly Bauhausian principles, so form always follows function. Are they evil or kind? Do they prioritize freedom of movement (very physical, or more stationary)? Are they rich or poor, have they moved around and seen a lot?

In fashion, you show all those things using outfits. I want people to put on the clothes and become their character. But this is different from cosplay/costuming; you are the assassin, not a facsimile of some existing assassin. The character is built off you, and the clothing adds to you instead of defining you as something that you’re not. Clothing should give you freedom to move between roles, and offer you a way to express different facets at different times. And combinations are also important; the assassin sweater worn with fitted shorts and combat boots is different from the same sweater worn with skinny jeans and stilettos. The people who might wear these combinations could be the same person, or totally different people. But the piece itself offers you options to move between these roles without sacrificing your character. At least, it does in my dreamer version of the world.

The brand I want to start has always been called RPG. Geeky as it is, that’s how I really feel about how we dress and present ourselves; we are taking on different roles and playing them throughout our lives. One person will play many different roles in life, and I want to provide a playful and expressive wardrobe for all those occasions.

Alice Skirt (Tutorial)


I’ve noticed a lot of people arriving here from┬áPinterest, looking for my Alice Skirt tutorial! Because it got obliterated in the transition from one wordpress blog to the next, I have to rewrite it from scratch. Fortunately, I am now much wiser in the ways of skirt making; unfortunately I don’t remember the exact measurements I used for the skirt fabric pieces. The process is pretty simple though, and I hope it gets you interested in making your own fun skirts for summer!

The Alice Skirt has a self-lining, and fastens using the ties in the back. I will take some detail pics so that you can see how I finished certain things. If you have a question, leave it in the comments and I’ll try my best to help you out!

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